Welcome to Living Cities’ 2014 Annual Report, #NewUrbanPractice!

At Living Cities, we are deeply unsatisfied with the incremental pace of social change. Too often, our aspirations are too small. Our solutions are not matched to the true nature and scale of the problems. We are frequently unwilling to confront difficult realities like structural racism, intergenerational poverty, and inequitable outcomes in education, health, housing, and jobs.


 Intergenerational Poverty





 Structural Racism









To create enduring change, we must all work together to build a new type of urban practice aimed at dramatically improving the economic well-being of low-income people, faster.

Mindful that no one individual, institution, or sector can achieve this goal alone, in 2014, we decided to open source our annual report, asking folks in our networks—from our member institutions, to grantees, to our staff, to our social media followers, to a diversity of other thought leaders, dreamers and doers —to share their thoughts, insights, lessons and ideas about what this #NewUrbanPractice should look like.







Hear what a #NewUrbanPractice means to Leaders, Dreamers & Doers.

The Blog Hub

Living Cities has begun to articulate what we think some of the core elements of the new urban practice are, and what our role might be in it. But, we know that we do not have all the answers. Our goal is to work with others at the cutting edge of social change to articulate, test, adopt and apply it. Read their ideas in the blog hub.


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 Cultivating and Connecting Leaders


 Harnessing Technology


Expanding Impact Investing


Advancing Equity and Inclusion


Doubling Down Data and Results


Engaging Community

We know that there are many people and institutions out there doing great work. We believe that the #NewUrbanPractice is not about reinventing the wheel, but instead builds on the successes of the past and present. It is about harnessing, leveraging and reimagining the most promising solutions for the future by marrying them with other solutions in creative ways. It is about accelerating the uptake of those solutions in more places through technology, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking. It is about adapting to how the world is changing, and staying open to fresh and innovative ideas.

From cultivating and connecting leaders, to harnessing the power of data and technology for public good, to advancing racial and economic equity and inclusion, to expanding the burgeoning field of impact investing, to engaging community more meaningfully, we hope that the ideas offered by the diverse contributors to this report can serve, inspire, and spark action.

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